Aathi Thiyaga, M.D - HARVARD Fellowship trained spine & pain management specialist caring for greater Greenville patients since 2002.

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Pain Management close to home:

Offices in Anderson, Easley-Piedmont and Greenville, SC.

Call: 864 373-PAIN(7246) Fax: 864 286 3077

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We usually require referral from a doctor or therapist:

    Please complete the consultation request and fax it to us.

To all our new patients:

  • Please refrain from wearing perfume or smoking cigarettes prior to your appointment. This will help us to spend more time with you in a closed room during consultation.

Transfer patients: Dr. Thiyaga does not have your old medical records if you have seen him at his old practice. Request your medical records transferred to Dr. Thiyaga's new practice by contacting his old practice at 864 242 6447 or 864 855 1633. You can also send a fax to 864 855 1323 requesting transfer of records. Dr. Thiyaga's new fax # 864 286 3077.  We will still see you without your old medical records, if there is any delay in getting the records.


We are working towards paperless office! We offer online forms, electronic medical record (EMR) and electronic prescriptions (e-prescriptions). We eliminated the need for printed new patient questionnaires. No more waiting in the medical office, filling out 5-6 pages of medical history!

For your convenience, We are online: follow these steps:

  1. Please download this financial form and give us consent to treat you.

  2. You can enter  your medical information online using our secure link (SSL encryption) and arrive at our office 20 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. Its important you answer all questions, do not skip! if you omit any question, you may need to update again, in our office computers.

Please pay attention: if you are claiming disability welfare or work restrictions you need to complete the relevant sections, otherwise we don't have your information to complete insurance forms, claim forms, letter to employer or medical-legal experts.

Please try to complete online before 7am on the day of consultation. Your information is reviewed by Dr. Thiyaga or medical staff from 7am onwards. Preview of your information helps us to start planning your treatment options. Information entered after 7am will be reviewed at time of consultation.


  •  Arrive at our office at least 45 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment and enter your information using our computers. We have assistants to help you navigate our computer program that will walk you through your medical history. By using the computer mouse, you can click your choice and enter your entire medical history in less than 30 minutes. Dr. Thiyaga will see you immediately after entering all necessary information into our system. We value your time, and need to help you as soon as you step into our office.


  • Please bring your medication bottles, any available medical record, MRI / CT images when you visit us. Dr. Thiyaga is very much interested in reading your images. Your referring doctor, does not send the real images, he or she will only fax a radiologist's report. A radiologist's report is good for radiological interpretation, it may be different from pain physician's perspective. Dr. Thiyaga is interested in examining a patient and correlate pain with image findings and offer treatment options that will suit the patient. After all, we treat pain not the radiologist's report! Please obtain MRI images from the facility it was taken, we prefer them on a CD (compact disc). We don't have access to your images unless you personally bring them to our facility. 

Online access to medical history and new patient questionnaire: Click here, the link will open into our secure online network. No password required.

Follow-up patients, need not worry, our assistants will update your information, please arrive at our office as per instruction given at check-out, usually 15 minutes prior to appoinment.


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